Why you should consider local printing services

All businesses need printing services at some time and for many companies it is an important service needed daily for marketing, promotional and administrative purposes. There are lots of options available to access printing companies especially online – these though are often impersonal, corporate operations handling hundreds or thousands of print jobs at a time – using local printing services has benefits and advantages over ordering your printing from a large print organisation where you never actually deal personally with anyone.

If you are looking for a print shop in Bermondsey, here are some reasons that you should consider your local print service Print Ministry:

Quick turnaround times

A local printer is more likely to be dealing with local businesses like yourself, therefore potentially offering a quicker turnaround time for your order – a larger, national company may be dealing with hundreds of orders at a time resulting in a longer wait for your order to be processed.

More personal customer support and communication

A print shop that is in your geographical area will almost guarantee you better customer support – you can speak face-to-face with your printer to discuss your order and its’ options and choices, so you get the details right immediately.

You may have to deal with larger print organisations by phone or other media rather than personally, which may result in delays in resolving any problems or issues. Being able to personally meet with your printer will obviously afford you better communication than dealing remotely with a national chain print organisation.   

Build a long term relationship

Dealing with a local print shop will allow you to build a professional long-term relationship based on quality and trust. Using your local printer repeatedly will lead to an understanding of your company by the print shop and a working knowledge of the type of materials, layouts and quality your business expects from a print company – and a long-term business relationship often results in better deals and pricing as a regular, valued customer!

Support your local business community

You are a business in your own community – you would hope that local people and other local businesses would use your services or products, so you should do the same!

Businesses utilizing the other local traders helps everybody out mutually in the area – by using your local printing service you are boosting the economy in your region and keeping your hard-earned money in the community rather than further lining the pockets of bigger, nationwide businesses.  

Avoid shipping or transport costs

By using your local print service you are eliminating potentially expensive transport costs – regional or national chains may not have a physical location in your area therefore having to ship your completed print order to you and therefore incurring costs!

Better quality results and materials

A local print shop will be more likely to value your order and business – they will not have the volume of print jobs to complete that a national print company has and will therefore take extra care in order to retain your business. A local print service will often provide better results and higher quality than a national chain.

Competitive pricing and a great service

Many businesses believe that using a large print organisation will mean lower prices, but this is not usually the case – most local print businesses will at least match the larger organisations pricing but will provide a quicker, personal and a quality service for the same money or less!

Whether looking for printers in South-East London or further afield, using local-based print services will offer many advantages to your business as well as being a boon to your local economy.

Print Ministry

At Print Ministry of London, we also provide Uncoated Flyers if you’re looking for a more vintage feel, or Laminated Leaflets if you are looking for something with a bit more longevity. 

So, if you’re looking for effective advertising with our promotional printing options, we at Print Ministry of London are here for you! Our poster printing, booklet printing, leaflet printing and flyer printing options are all tailored to suit you and your requirements. Our online order forms are quick and easy to follow, allowing you to pick and choose your ideal options, whilst displaying a running total of costs as you amend your order. If you need help deciding what promotional printed materials are right for you, give us a call on 020 7277 8855 or use our Contact Form and we’ll be happy to help.

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