Effective advertising with our promotional printing options

If you’re looking to create effective advertising for your business, you will need to consider a number of different marketing tools. From social media and other digital platforms, to more traditional marketing methods such as promotional printed options.

Whilst some people choose to only use online methods, they are inhibiting a number of potential consumers and missing out on the wider reach of promotional printing options. A physical, tangible piece of marketing is still a much more effective way of building trust, establishing professionalism, reinforcing your brand, AND building better relationships with your target audience.

At Print Ministry of London, we’ve pulled together our key examples of promotional printing options that are guaranteed to achieve effective advertising to enhance your company:


Posters are the definitive promotional printed material. They are easy to produce and their flexibility means they can be used in a variety of ways to get your message across. They can also be positioned in the best possible place for brand exposure; generating higher reach to your target audience. And the cost of producing a poster is by far the most cost-effective choice compared to advertising in newspapers or magazines, as you can keep them up for as long as you need to.

At Print Ministry of London, our posters are available in sies A1 to A4 in a variety of paper stock, and can be arranged with standard, saver or express delivery to meet your needs.


Whilst posters draw the consumer in, booklets provide more information about your business and are a very effective promotional printing option to promote your brand, product or service. There are many different applications you could consider for using a booklet, depending on your business. For example:

  • Product catalogues and magazines are the perfect hard copy of your products for customers to take home and act as a constant reminder of your offering, leading to a higher rate of purchase.
  • Performance programmes are not only a great souvenir; they provide relevant information about the show and can be utilised to promote future performances generating repeat custom.
  • Corporate manuals help promote the business from within, and can be issued to employees containing rules and regulations, health and safety information and working terms and conditions. 
  • Activity books have become increasingly popular within the pub and restaurant industry as well as within playgroups and nurseries. Keeping children entertained with colouring and puzzles is a great way to promote a family-friendly business and entice a wider demographic. 

At Print Ministry of London, our saddle stitched booklets are ideal for these tyopes of smaller booklets, with lower page counts, and shorter lead times.  

Flyers & leaflets

Flyers & Leaflets are the perfect choice for highlighting your latest promotion, event or even a business launch! Leaflets are ideal if you need to communicate more detailed information and they come in a range of sizes with a variety of folding options, such as; gate-fold, roll fold, and Z fold.

Print Ministry

At Print Ministry of London, we also provide Uncoated Flyers if you’re looking for a more vintage feel, or Laminated Leaflets if you are looking for something with a bit more longevity. 

So, if you’re looking for effective advertising with our promotional printing options, we at Print Ministry of London are here for you! Our poster printing, booklet printing, leaflet printing and flyer printing options are all tailored to suit you and your requirements. Our online order forms are quick and easy to follow, allowing you to pick and choose your ideal options, whilst displaying a running total of costs as you amend your order. If you need help deciding what promotional printed materials are right for you, give us a call on 020 7277 8855 or use our Contact Form and we’ll be happy to help.

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