A quick guide to creating the perfect business card design

Despite living in a more digital age, Business Cards still carry a lot of weight. Whilst online is good for browsing, people still make most of their decisions, especially within business, following a face-to-face encounter. It is this personal touch that generates a real connection and commitment to buy or invest in a business, product or service.

Business cards bridge the gap between the initial encounter and taking the next step to move forward. It is therefore crucial that the design of your business card is carefully thought out. You want to create something that catches the eye, whilst still being professional and in-keeping with your core values as a business.

Here are our top tips for creating the perfect business card design for you and your company:  

Keep it simple

It’s so easy to want to go overboard with graphics, images and colourways. But the key to a memorable and professional business card is to keep it simple. There is key information that needs to be included; Name, company logo, contact information. Anything else can be off-putting and distracting. Utilise that key information to create something clean, crisp and unforgettable.

You might find that by simply choosing a different stock, you can create something truly special. At Print Ministry of London, we have a range of different stock to choose from; from different weighted uncoated, coated and silk stock, to lamination options of matt, gloss or soft touch.

Make it distinctive

Whilst keeping the information simple, you still want to create something unique to you and your company. Business cards are a great marketing tool for your brand; if you already have a distinctive logo or brand colour, your business card is the perfect place to present these. You can even take it one step further and be creative with the orientation of the business card – who says, it has to be landscape?!

At Print Ministry, we also have an option to produce folding business cards if you need to include a little bit more information – perfect for hairdressers and barbers to include their clients next appointment. We also provide luxury business cards with 3D Spot UV; a raised gloss area for that tactile feel – ideal for emphasising your brand logo or company name.

Create a timeless design

You don’t want your business card to have a time limit. It needs to be something that endures the test of time as you don’t want to find yourself redesigning your business card with every season. People are likely to hold onto your business card for future requirements, so be sure to avoid having anything on there that has an expiration date such as a coupon, promotion, or even a slogan.


Business Cards can be printed on both sides, so think about how you might be able to make use of a double sides business card. Perhaps keep it clean with the logo on one side and all the contact information on the other. There is usually an additional cost for double-sided printing, but with the right design, the additional expenditure could be well worth the money, creating a more professional look.

Print Ministry

So, if you’re looking to create your own business cards and are looking for somewhere that sells cheap business cards on premium stock with fast delivery, look no further than Print Ministry in South East London.

We offer Classic and Creative business card options at affordable prices. Present potential customers with a personal and professional touch through our great range of business card printing options. Our online order form is quick and easy to follow, allowing you to pick and choose your ideal requirements, whilst displaying a running total of costs as you amend your order.

If you need help deciding what business card is right for you, give us a call on 020 7277 8855 or use our Contact Form and we’ll be happy to help.

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